Kyron Healing Centre

Dr Susan Nugent

Integrative Medicine

Dr Susan offers individualised health care that includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspectives. She considers how your history and community play a role in your current state of health.

Her aim is to build an emotionally grounded and authentic therapeutic relationship with you. One of the defining principles of integrative medicine is that the patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process.

From this foundation, she provides an in-depth look at hormones, gut health, immune system (including allergy and autoimmune disease) and the way stress and trauma create imbalance.

Drawing from almost 30 years experience as a medical practitioner, Dr Susan can help you make decisions around surgery, medication and hormonal therapies so that less invasive interventions are used whenever possible and acknowledging that appropriate use of both conventional and natural medicine facilitate the body's innate healing response.

Having progressed from hospital residency to specialist GP then a decade as an Integrative GP, Dr Susan has further fine-tuned her skills, deciding to prescribe only what your GP or specialist may not have the knowledge or time to provide. Such as evidence-based natural medicine, diet, supplements, herbs and lifestyle medicine.

Accurate diagnosis is important and modern medicine has provided a lot to be grateful for but has significant limitations when it comes to illuminating root causes of disease.

In addition to Medicare-funded investigations, there are many private tests eg. saliva hormones, complete digestive stool analysis (looking at the microbiome) and food intolerance/allergy tests. This is an area known as “functional” or “restorative” medicine.

Having undertaken further study in this field, in addition to specialist GP training, Dr Susan can offer referrals and interpretation as well as assess whether these options are worth the investment.

In essence, she will guide you through the maze of conflicting health information.

Her vision is to help you develop a sense of trust in life and “inner knowing” leading to better choices that support recovery for yourself and those you care for.

Dr Susan can help you find holistic health modalities and therapists best suited to your circumstances, budget and philosophy.

Mind-body aspects of healing are often the key to unlock motivation and inspiration, making way for the enthusiasm needed to make significant changes to diet and lifestyle that can otherwise be very difficult.

As a busy working mother of three, Dr Susan understands the challenges involved in maintaining energy levels and good self care. Over the years navigating her own health crises, she has learned to “walk her talk” and is committed to self exploration and self-development.

Dr Susan also has a special interest in caring for doctors, medical students and health professionals experiencing burnout or overwhelm.

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