Kyron Healing Centre

Samantha Dawn Butcher

Food & Wellness Coach

As a wellness practitioner, I believe that eating a diet rich in whole plant foods is the key to being our most vibrant, best version of ourselves. When our bodies are nourished in the right way, the occurrence and risk of chronic disease reduces. Excess weight falls away. Life just feels so much better.

When implementing lifestyle changes, like improving what we eat, it’s vital to consider the whole picture of our lives. Food is important, but so is stress reduction. Movement is essential, but so is connection and belonging. A wellness lifestyle is one that embraces all these factors.

When done in the right way, making positive changes in one area of our lives, such as improving our eating, can have a flow-on effect, making positive change in other areas easier too.

It’s for this reason that I take a whole lifestyle approach to wellness, teaching you how nourishing food forms foundation of vibrant health and wellbeing, and how it can fit simply and deliciously into your life.

Services Samantha offers include one-to-one wellness & lifestyle coaching, cooking classes & workshops.

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