Kyron Healing Centre

Hee Chul (Edward) Lee

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Traditional Chinese Medicine taught me that this is not just about our body but the whole law of nature in a philosophical way. It seems chaotic and frantic but in a bigger scheme of thing there are laws governing it, and interestingly enough this same law applies to us, in our human body. In nature, there is no wrong or right but we do have our preferred state when all things seem at peace when it’s in a balanced state.

'Disease' is a word derived from dis-, and ease. It simply means when we are not with ease. As a TCM practitioner what I will be focused on trying to correct the state of the body in balance and in harmony.

Being in state of harmony cannot be differentiated or better say should not be differentiated into physical and emotional aspects. Our mind shouldn’t be thought of as a separate issue to our body.

Treatment prices…

Initial Visit – $90
Subsequent Visits - $70 (herbs sold separately)