Kyron Healing Centre


Our practitioners are selected based on their compassionate nature, pure intention and confidence in their depth and breadth of their modality with no force of ego or judgment. They are grounded, humble, powerful and focused on their own clearing, growth and spiritual ascension.

Wounded Healers

They are born and they are not made… They create themselves through conquering adversity, trial and error and extreme pain and suffering. They conquer fear and find a way to speak their truth even when they are afraid.

In doing so, they shine light for others who are lost and feeling alone, and in return their inner light ignites with renewed purpose. A purpose greater than they ever could have imagined.

In many ways they are the wounded healer who understands what the patient feels. They have learnt through their own experience and feel empathy instead of sympathy. The client can sense this subconsciously and a conduit opens between the two on an energetic level that connects them, so the healer can be instrumental in facilitating our client’s own inner healing power.

"The doctor is effective only when he is affected. Only the wounded physician heals."
- Carl Jung

"Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion"
- Buddha